Nicos Labropoulos
Full Name
Nicos Labropoulos
Job Title
Course Director
Professor of Surgery and Radiology, and Director, Vascular Laboratory, Stony Brook University Medical Center, Long Island, New York, US
Speaker Bio
Prof Nicos Labropoulos is a Professor of Surgery and Radiology and Director of the Vascular Laboratory at Stony Brook University Medical Center, Long Island, New York, US. He completed his medical training at the University of London and his PhD and vascular fellowship at St Mary’s Hospital of Imperial College, London, UK. He has a major interest in pathophysiology, diagnosis, and treatment of vascular diseases. He has been a travelling fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine, a recipient of the Presidential award of the Society of Vascular Surgery, the UIP Gold Medal award of excellence for clinical research in Phlebology, the IUA Hippocrates medal and the Sushrutha Award for excellence in the diagnosis and treatment of venous and lymphatic disorders. Prof Labropoulos is actively involved in many national and international vascular societies as well as national committees and accrediting organizations. He has more than 300 publications being cited over 15,000 times. He is on the editorial board of 11 journals and serves as a reviewer for 25 journals. He has edited five vascular textbooks and has contributed over 60 book chapters. He has taken part in multiple consensus statements and development of guidelines on diagnosis and management of vascular disease. Prof Labropoulos gives lectures in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Greek.